sWell (shakewell) wrote,


vegas = awesome; pictures = here.
getting back into bowling--big time.
was almost killed by the king, today. yikes!
figured out half of why i've been oversleeping so much.
forgot to go to the indians game.
going to a nascar race.
got stood up, but was glad.
bought postcards; didn't send them. (i will.)
went on a super-hot date; loved it.
losing weight and shaping up and feeling great.
yardlympics postponed.
making attempts at socialization; doing ok.
saw transformers and actually enjoyed it.
finally finished watching the illusionist--not great, but good.
will probably get blamed for something that is not my fault at work tomorrow.
upgraded my text messaging plan. txt away! kthx.
bought a present. made a box. probably won't send it. =(
had fun anyway.

love you all.
Tags: bk, bowling, hot date, movies, vegas, walsh construction, work, yardlympics
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