sWell (shakewell) wrote,

Puddles Muddle Practice Programs

YARDLYMPIC VILLAGE, INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Training facilities remain empty, this morning, as another day of precipitation rains on the metaphorical parades of local yardlympic hopefuls. Inclement weather will continue to be a factor throughout the week, due to likely showers through Thursday.

“Weather is always going to play a role in outdoor sports,” explained event sponsor Mayor McCheese. “True competitors are going to be out there, preparing--rain or shine--but these backyard, weekender-types are afraid to just jump in and get their feet wet.”

Despite late-afternoon sun, yesterday, contenders residing in the Yardlympic Village took the day off for rest and relaxation. The contestants even put together a hot date of sorts, sharing a homemade meal and a movie, before retiring to bed.

“Sometimes, you just need a day off,” pronounced horseshoe-favorite Amanda Miller. “Just this week, we invented a whole new sport, right here in the Yardlympic Village. If you don’t think that was hard work, you’re a fucking idiot.”
Tags: xine, yardlympics
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