sWell (shakewell) wrote,

i wonder what abraham lincoln would do


i've only been at work for an hour, but, already, i'm bored.

stayed up too late, last night, settling with the jqr and quarantine.

jeffy lube had our kitchen sink fixed, yesterday, which is great, because i only seem to make things dirtier in the dish washer.

i need to take some time to clean those damned hardwood floors this week, but, so far, i'm much more motivated to go to the movies after work than to clean the house. besides, with igg gone and femtron giving me the silent treatment, how will i ever get anyone to acknowledge and appreciate me. (thems jokes, baby.)

speaking of femtron, she's apparently upset that my housemates didn't invite her to my birthday luau. how funny.

i've been spending a lot of time going through my [many] possessions, since the move. i know i'll never get down to just the necessities of life, but i would like to, at least, cut the dead weight.

i'm noticing more and more, however, that i can't let go of anything. i attach memories to everything. if they are good memories, i'm heartbroken at the thought that i would be willing to throw those out with the trash. if they are bad memories, well, i sit there and wallow in my depression, generally losing all interest in streamlining my life.

and, as we all know, i can't let go of friendships either. everyday, i say hi to femtron. then, as she pauses and reluctantly responds, i remember that she hates me now. so, out of kindness to her i resolve to leave her alone, because, it seems to me, that is obviously what she wants. but, the next day, i forget and say hello again. perhaps, the habit will break in time, but i'm not entirely sure that i want it to. i mean, am i a bitch because i inadvertently do something she hates everyday, or would it be worse if i didn't even try to be civil? i'm sure that the latter would look worse to everyone outside the two of us, but that's never been what matters to me.

anyway... i'm insanely bored. i apologize for all the haphazard rambling i'm doing.

saw ocean's 13 and mr. brooks this week. nothing to write home about on either one.

got a lot of birthday wishes from long-lost friends on monday. not so many from those close to home. got ditched by two of my favorite people on my birthday escape plans, which was, frankly, devastating but not surprising. had my birthday dinner at noodletown with the boys, which was funny, because i didn't want to go out and no one offered to buy mine.

on the bright side, i did get a new croquet set. i also got a leaky inflatable pool. so, if anyone wants to come over and get his ass handed to them in the back yard or just get his feet wet in the pool, i say bring it [on].
Tags: birthday, femtron, friendship, igg, jeffy lube, jqr, movies, quarantine, walsh, work

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