sWell (shakewell) wrote,

viva las vegas

requested my vacation time and booked my flight to vegas this week. kristen and fleck would be pleased (if i ever picked up the phone and talked to them). i opted for a direct flight both there and back. it's not that i don't enjoy flying, it's that i enjoy having fewer opportunities to miss my flights or to have my luggage lost.


if anyone would like to accompany me to an indians game in july, let me know. i've got three extra tickets. i've never been to a baseball game, or even watched one on tv. so, it would probably be good if i had someone around to explain it all to me condescendingly. or, barring that, it would be nice to have someone to drink a few beers with.


word on the street is that the stoner, hippie girls currently residing in our new home are packing up and moving out as we speak. thank god--i was not looking forward to a last-minute move. though, i should mention, jeffy could not be reached to establish a move-in date for this weekend.


if you're reading this, please leave me a comment, reminding me to stop by the post office tomorrow during business hours.

or, just stop by the post office yourself and pick up a change of address form for me and my two roommates.


i need a hair cut. =*(
Tags: fleck, indians, kwisten, landlord jeffy, moving, travel, vegas
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