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went to the race, yesterday, with pop pop, courtesy of surjay. was surrounded by rude drunks and canadians. was too close to the track to actually be able to discern any of the action on the track in front of me, but i did have a good view of the first few pits. had a good view of turn one when the drunks weren't standing on their seats, which wasn't very often.

the sun came out long enough to make me want to put on sunscreen. but the clouds rolled back in just as i finished up with that. when the rain came in, later, we were just a few rows out of the reach of the awnings. sat in the rain 15 minutes longer than we said we would and then decided to leave.

it stopped raining before we were even 20 feet outside of the gates. (no pass-outs.) i don't know how long it took us to get out of the parking lot. but my dad had plenty of time to join the search for a man's lost wedding ring in the grass. an hour after we left the track, we were a mile away from the speedway.

by the time i found a radio in the house on which to listen to the restart, they were only a few minutes from calling it again due to rain.

i always love watching the race, whether it be at home or at the track. but i sincerely hate rain delays, less-than-500-mile races and checkereds under yellow.

anyway, next year, i think i'll go back to sitting with my aunt in turn one. that is where all the good wrecks are and you can still see the pits and the start/finish line. also, i'd like to sit up under the awning, whether it's rainy or sunny. not just because it's drier and cooler, but also because it's slightly easier to read the numbers on the damn cars when they go whizzing by.


spent the day cleaning and packing, today. it's exhausting and completely unrewarding. i'm surrounded by boxes and will probably discover that i've packed away something i'll need this week. and, as for the cleaning, there's still so much to be scrubbed and scoured it's hard to feel good about what i've done so far.


i had planned to take this friday off to a) recover from thursday night and 2) pack, clean and move, but i hadn't realized today would be a holiday for me. (i never get days off!) anyway, i'll still be out at seven for stewbot's "birthday," but i definitely won't be able to drink as much as i did last week.


tomorrow will be my first day in the office without matt and danny. i'm already sad. matt has gone forever and danny is out in the field. two new dudes have taken over for them and neither one of them seems very good at their jobs so far. it's frustrating for me.

it makes going back to martin marietta slightly more tempting. they're making a go at another offer for me this week. unless something terrible happens at walsh this week, i'm sure that i will stay there, but it would be nice to go back to martin marietta and know that i'll always be good at my job and know what i'm doing (because there's absolutely no room for advancement).


the house is quiet. i like that. i've been incredibly productive and stress-free this weekend.


i'm signing up for fall classes this week. i'm super-sick of paying on these student loans!
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