sWell (shakewell) wrote,

the flying v is coming together

the indy def squad is proud to welcome the pistol city massive chapter to town. these fine fellows celebrated their inaugural ride with the christening of squad's newest shit with two wheels, sparkle motion.

jqr, quarantine and i rode seven miles this evening, but i need to work on my technique a lot before i get too used to this bad form i have. i had more power and endurance than i expected, but i am by no means in shape at all.

i also brought home my new rower this afternoon, and i'm about to go haul some ass if it isn't going to bother femtron too much. (it probably will (and understandably so), though, so i probably won't.)

i've got attack shorts to go with the new bike. yeah, that's right; this ass is fierce. *rawr* (ok, it's not true. i feel like i'm walking around with poopy pants, serious poopy pants.)

i learned that, despite having long legs and a long torso, i'm still short. also, except for this fat ass, i'm built like a boy in just about every way. i also learned quite a bit about bikes i wasn't even remotely interested in buying and army pilots. thank you, overly talkative bike salesman.

well, i just thought i'd take advantage of this glorious internet while it was working in my room.

nini all.
Tags: fitness, indy def squad, jqr, pistol city massive, quarantine
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