sWell (shakewell) wrote,

not the long, but the short of it

went to madison to welcome boston tyler courtney into the world. had to leave before the birth to drive back to indy for work. ran a scam for this dude, but then didn't get my cut. went back to madison and hung out with stewbot's fam and played some video games. went to meet boston. drove home. got ice cream. played worms!


i guess a friend of mine, jowelie, told kristen and fleck i was dead via text message on friday. apparently, that set them up for a pretty horrible day. later, corey set them straight and they filled my phone with messages of love and affection.

it's good to be loved... even though i am distant these days.

and... i guess i'm glad i'm still alive so they can feel so relieved. i can't imagine trying to deal with hearing they died.
Tags: boston, death, fleck, jowelie, kristen, madison, stewbot

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