sWell (shakewell) wrote,

she's a brick house

we got the house, tentatively called the reach around.

i am so excited.

i hate landlord jeffy a little less, now.

monster move-in party coming soon.


in other news, i have to pee SO, SO bad, but some tool shed is taking a dump in the women's restroom.

i want to cry.


apparently, the girls in the regional office have some crushes on one of the guys here at walsh. i find this amusing, because i also have a crush on this guy.

i, however, get to see him, everyday. they had to settle for some picture he finally sent them, this week. it was a shot of him and his old manager (who is bald). they actually believed that the bald guy was him until one of the other girls set them straight.

i like crushes.

and, believe it or not, i actually like not doing anything about them even more.
Tags: crushes, landlord jeffy, parties, pee pants, relationships, the reach around, walsh
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