sWell (shakewell) wrote,

meerkat manor

well, i'm halfway through my course of antibiotics, but i honestly don't feel too much better than the day i went to the doctor. oh well... at least i don't feel worse.

[euclid will not stop rubbing his head on my hands; it is very difficult to type, but it's also terrible cute.]


i finally hooked up my new computer and bitchin' widescreen monitor at work today. alas, the video card does not support the recommended resolution and it sort of hurts me to look at it for too long. what a let down!

they transferred the rest of the payroll duties to me this week. i'm not particularly thrilled about it. oh well, learning new things is fun and i'll probably get the hang of it eventually.

i finally cleared my inbox today. i couldn't stand my boss thought i couldn't handle my job. i don't know how he can notice my inbox everyday but not hear me barfing in the bathroom last week or notice that i was generally completely freakin' out of it and, perhaps, too sick to be at work.


fellow ex-shocker jim-o stopped in on sunday to rest during his big move from nebraska to new hampshire. i'm sure it's difficult to believe, but some of you may be interested to know that i managed not to fuck him while he slept in my bed. (and i'm single now; i can do what i want!)


i forget what the hot dog count was up to, and i still haven't made that calender thingy, but i've had two more dogs and also one corn dog--which i'm still debating about counting.

i got that corn dog down at tibbs drive-in. now that i've actually found that place, i really like it. also, i can purchase, not only corn dogs, but also hot dogs, nachos and pickles to enjoy during the movie. fuckin' sweet, yo!

i'd like to get down to tibbs regularly this summer. however, while i almost prefer seeing movies alone these days, i'm just not sure how i feel about going to a drive-in alone. there's something pretty off about that. also, the shits $9.

oh yeah! that's one thing i don't like about tibbs. they don't charge admission by the car load; it's individual. and they still charge a hefty price on concessions.


i sort of like that "before he cheats" song by carrie underwood, but it might just be that i hear every single time i get in my car each day.


i'm really tired today, but i can't sleep. it's driving me nuts.


quarantine is moving in this weekend. i think he'll be couch surfing for a minute while they finish up the other side of the house. now, more than ever, i think the frat house was a good name for this place (even if i am the only one who calls it that).

hilarious pranks will commence immediately.
Tags: euclid, frat house, health, hot dogs, jim-o, quarantine, tibbs drive-in, walsh, work
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