sWell (shakewell) wrote,

refraction retraction

i negotiated a raise today; hence, i will stay with walsh.

i saw blades of glory last night. alone. totally laughed out loud.

baby fever has been canceled, due to the overwhelming sense of guilt i feel regarding current population trends. thank you al gore, inventor of the environment.

happy hour is this friday at howl. be there or be square!

i haven't had a hot dog in days. it's killing me.

i wish we could get back to warm weather. i was enjoying the motivation that came with it.

anyone know of a god masseuse (whoa! i can't believe i spelled that right!) in indy? mine's all booked up for the next month and i've finally decided that i desperately need massage lovin'.

i want chocolate.

i'm going to play softball with the guys from walsh later this spring. i've only played a little in gym class, but i think it will be fun.
Tags: babies, guilt, hot dogs, money, movies, walsh
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