sWell (shakewell) wrote,

verbal diarrhea

well, just as things are starting to go pretty damn good for me at walsh, martin marietta has a position open up for me.

what luck!

i don't know what i will do. i know i don't look forward to having to negotiate with my current boss, however, i do look forward to making more money (either there at walsh or at martin marietta (though probably more so at walsh)).


sometimes, igg stays home from work on mondays and i get to come home to delicious dinner. i didn't have any hot dogs today, but i did have an awesome steak. plus a killer salad, green bean, corn on the cob and that bread and cheese igg buys that i love so much.


friday is the howl at the moon thing. i hope you know you're all still invited. my roommies, my current and former co-workers and probably several of my ex-boyfriends will be there. should be good times.

i plan to arrive promptly at five and proceed directly to drunkenness to deal with the unavoidable social anxiety.

party on, party people.


i'm finally cashing in my massage gift certificate this week.


i need a haircut like whoa.
Tags: alcohol, anxiety, food, igg, martin marietta, parties, walsh, work
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