sWell (shakewell) wrote,

how could i forget?

bridget cam home with a surprise for me earlier this week.

it was hot dogs (and buns)!

saturday 3/31: 3 for dinner
sunday 4/1: 1 for breakfast
monday 4/2: 1 for dinner
wednesday 4/4: 1 for dinner
thursday 4/5: 1 for dinner

total, thus far: 7.

also, i think i've figured out how to keep track of my dogs this season. i need to make some sort of calendar that i can stamp little hot dogs on each day. i'll work on that this weekend. maybe.

in other hot dog news, i drove past dairy queen earlier this week. i'm sure it's just a case of a missing s, but their selling a "2 foot long hot dog" for $4!

if you can believe it, that's too much dog for me. (though i would enjoy going in there to order it and, subsequently, trying to hold on to that thing while i ate it.
Tags: femtron, hotdogs, surprises
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