sWell (shakewell) wrote,

swell wins again!

Congratulations on being selected for a Guest Appreciation Party!! Your Happy Hour Party includes: up to 100 guests, no cover charge, free buffet, and ½ price special drinks (bottled beer, house wine, and rail cocktails) until 7. Happy Hour begins at 5:00 on Friday. There will be a $50 gift certificate going to the the party with the most people and the most fun!! SEATING IS BASED ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS.

Your party date options are: March 30, April 6th or April 13th.

preliminary discussions are sketching out april 13 as the date of the party. (ok, chuwie said he'd be there on the 13th.)

since absolutely no one (myself included) went to the last party i won, i can't say i feel too confident we'll have the most people, but i do think we can have the most fun. (hello, does anyone remember hell on wheels?!)

still, if you can get 100 people in for free, you should try your damnedest to do just that. so, consider yourself invited, dear reader. and bring your friends, family and other loved ones.

let me know if you're thinking about coming and how many friends you might bring, so i can give them an idea at howl.

see you there, jerks!
Tags: alcohol, howl at the moon, parties

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