sWell (shakewell) wrote,

cowgirl up

i love birthdays. i love ipwib. i love rollerskating. i love pinatas in the park. i love jelly beans. i love avers' pizza. i love people who make their own costumes. i love that i was recruited for a roller derby team. i love giving good presents. i love making cakes that don't turn out like garbage. i love frisbee weather, though i do not love frisbee. i love meeting friends of friends. i love hibachi dinners. i love picking up my friends semi-randomly on street corners. i love breakfasts with the gang.

i do not love colin b or megan pease. i do not love dealing with drunk people when i am sober. i do not love hot, crowded bars. i do not love sleeping on about six square feet of floor. i do not love that i didn't even get my camera out this weekend. i do not love this sun burn. i do not love being left to guard beers.

the hell on wheels birthday party for quarantine in pistol city was a rousing success all-around.

now, i must sleep.
Tags: birthday, bloomington, photos, quarantine

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