sWell (shakewell) wrote,

lent-ers bagels

freezing fog? eff that noise!


my stuff from swell should be out for delivery today. *yay*


despite the fact that i spent a great deal of secondary thought processing power, yesterday, pondering the dates and relationships of ash wednesday, easter, lent, mardi gras, good friday and palm sunday, i somehow managed to not piece together that today (ash wednesday, subsequent to mardi gras) marks the beginning of lent.

the relationships are quite obvious now and, yes, i am a total idiot.

there's a guy in the office giving up bread/yeast. unfortunately for him, it's free pizza day at the office.

i think i'll make another go of kicking caffienne. i'm also going to stop using my damn credit cards. for the next forty days, i'm not going to spend money i haven't actually earned yet.

i breifly considered calling it quits on cussing, but, to be honest, i'm not even sure i know what's cussing and what's not these days. besides, there are a few things i like to say in the bedroom that just aren't as hot when you clean them up.

i'm sure god wants me to have a happy sex life, however premarital it may be.


diesleboy tonight at therapy. me = so stoked.

picking up nate b in anderson. hope that's not too weird.

pre-drinking at kristen & fleck's perhaps. i miss those kids like crazy.

tomorrow i get to drive three hours to my meeting in laporte. that, along with the meeting itself, should do wonders for whatever hangover i am sure to have.

i need to make some 'get happy' mixes for the drive.
Tags: fleck, kristen, lent, nate b, therapy, walsh, work

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