sWell (shakewell) wrote,

biggest waste of a day EVER

this is by no means exact, but it's a good approximation of my day.

07:45 arrive at office
08:00 go to breakfast
09:00 return to office
09:30 head toward where a staples might be
09:45 turn around to go back to office
10:00 head out to airport for meeting with laporte office staff
11:15 pointless meeting begins, much trash talking of no-shows ensues
12:15 discussion of lunch location begins
12:30 lunch at chili's
01:30 arrive at office, head out to lowe's
02:00 leave lowe's after buying 1/3 of the items on our list
03:45 finally locate a staples (nowhere near where we have been looking)
04:15 leave staples after purchasing nothing
04:30 return to office, call it a day
Tags: walsh, work
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