sWell (shakewell) wrote,

even when i oversleep, i make it to work early. how is that even possible?

so, the colts won the superbowl. i watched the game down in hanover with surjay, duddy, skunk dick, nolan, black, et al. (even troy franks stopped in!) i had a lot of fun watching the game, as all those guys are generally hilarious, but especially comical when they're all together.

i have to admit that the game itself was much less exciting than this year's division championship or last year's final few games, because i felt pretty supremely confident in the team's ability to pull through. still, it was a pretty good game.

i was thinking, on the drive home last night, that it would be neat if they still had ticker tape parades for hometown heroes. then, on the drive into work this morning, i hear they are having a parade for our boys in blue. (i don't even know what ticker tape is, so i guess a plain old parade will do just fine.) i'm sad i won't be able to make it, but glad i won't be sitting out in the cold.


went to skateland with femtron, quarantine, jqr and surjay. skunk dick, apparently quite an accomplished skater, refused to join us, probably because he need more sleep. surjay wouldn't skate because he might die. femtron rented skates and even put them on, but felt more comfortable on the bench with surjay. quarantine warmed up on the carpet for a while, but eventually made it out on the rink with jqr and i, aided by the rail of course.

i'm really impressed by quarantine's bravery in learning to skate--and in a public place, surrounded by people who totally know what they're doing. i couldn't even go to the curling clinic a couple weeks ago, let alone get on the ice with 50 fellow amateurs. so, props to him and i look forward to more skating lessons in the future.


finally got back in touch with spencer-pierce last week. this makes me profoundly happy. hopefully, i'll get to catch up with him in a couple weeks at the issma state solo/ensemble competition--where i also plan to watch some string performances.


it's official. i have a boyfriend. he is awesome. and he looks super-fabulous in a suit and tie.


i saw an amazing shooting star last night. it's entirely possible that i was hallucinating, as i do that often, especially when i'm driving at night. regardless, it was huge and quite spectacular.

i made a couple attempts at a wish, but never really got very far. i guess i'm feeling content with my life at the moment. it's a strange feeling for me, but i like it. i'm pretty sure i have surjay to thank for this. so, thanks.


i eagerly await the day i shake this miserable fucking cold.

speaking of health, i'm scheduling a lady doctor's appointment for march. it's about time. (but i'm scared.)

ps: i hate (being so bad at) being a girl, but i love not being pregnant. so, i guess it all evens out.


jqr has gone to tennessee to stay with chuwie for a month or so. the frat house dynamic is going to be so weird now. how will we live without tech support?


i'm looking forward to doing my taxes. (why? because i'm a total fucking nerd.) of course, i'm still waiting on a w2 from pizza express (for all of one paycheck) and maybe chili's too. (there's some question in my mind as to whether or not chili's will send one, since i never received my paycheck from them. we shall see...)


went out to dinner for kristen's birthday. she is hanging out with more and more girly girls and it is really driving me away. i am really fretting over how unbearable they are going to be in vegas. so, i'd like to make another plea for someone (anyone, everyone) to come out there with me in july and help to keep me sane.


i have to pee.

that is all.
Tags: black, chilis, chuwie, colts, cope, dating, duddy, femtron, franks, health, jqr, kristen, nolan, pizza express, quarantine, sp, surjay

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