sWell (shakewell) wrote,

good pizza, shitty service, awesome game


i am unbearably bored today!

in 7 hours, i have logged 2 receipts, filed 13 documents, signed for 3 packages, labeled 6 binders, 12 folders and 5 drawers, copied 176 pages, punched holes in all but 16 of those pages, stuffed 4 envelopes and answered the phone 17 times. also, i sat here at my desk and watched while matt wouldn't let me sort through the papers he asked me to sort through. (he did, however, let me clip the papers and then take them to jr's office--which is next to matt's office and not mine.)

it sort of seems like a lot when i write it out like that, but i assure it is not. i might have done an hours worth of work today.

i really want to go home early today, since i've accumulated an extra 1.25 hours this week over my standard 8-hour days, but i'm trying to hold out so i can go home early tomorrow instead. (speaking of which, i should probably give someone a heads up about that today.)

today, in an effort to actually take my full lunch hour, i went to noble romans pizza. first off, it took me 15 minutes to get there. once at the restaurant, it took them 5 minutes to come out and take my order and 10 more minutes to bring me my food. so, i was well on my way to acheiving my goal already. then, after i finished eating, i discovered they have a neo geo arcade machine with.... wait for it... bust a move!

i will never again have trouble taking an hour for lunch.

i will, however, get fat and die from a heart attack.


therapy tonight. maybe. probably.

one liner's tomorrow night (early show).

workin' at martin marietta saturday morning.
lunch with my parents.
shopping with femtron.
dinner with femtron, surjay, sephon.
rollerskating with quarantine and those above.

superbowl sunday.

likely hangover and exhaustion monday.
Tags: food, walsh, work

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