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quotes, logs, tacos...thanks!

coors light: "if you gave me a car made of diamonds and blowjobs all day i still wouldn't drink that beer." some girl's boyfriend


work was mostly good, today, as usual. the creep asked me out again; i told him i had laundry to do. i only wish i could tell him i think he's a creep and i hope never to be alone with him ever.

some random dude stopped in to see one of the project managers who was out of the office at the time. i was trying to take down a message but he wouldn't shut the fuck up about doors. there was another lady that came in begging for money. here's some #jive log tidbits because i'm too lazy to go over this again.

(7:08:11 PM) shakewell: i mean this one guy talked to me about doors for chrissakes!
(7:08:17 PM) shakewell: for ten minutes
(7:08:26 PM) shakewell: then he offered to give me a tour
(7:08:29 PM) shakewell: (of what i don't know)
(7:08:52 PM) shakewell: the consensus from all the jerkbags in the office who were listening (but not rescuing) is that he wanted to give me a tour of his trunk
(7:09:03 PM) surjay: his trunk?!
(7:09:10 PM) shakewell: cuz he was a real creep
(7:09:20 PM) shakewell: and generally a nut job
(7:09:45 PM) shakewell: this other lady just wanted gas money. which i was fully prepared to give to her
(7:10:09 PM) shakewell: but then she had to tell me about her diabetes. and her daughter in jail. and her five grand daughters
(7:10:12 PM) shakewell: and her twi grandsons
(7:10:15 PM) shakewell: twin
(7:10:20 PM) shakewell: and this that and the other thing
(7:10:57 PM) surjay: heheh, sounds very interesting
(7:11:02 PM) shakewell: yeah interesting.
(7:11:22 PM) shakewell: i can't believe all those guys just sat and listened both times. i'm so mad at them.
(7:11:36 PM) surjay: you should have butted in and tried to out-talk her
(7:11:44 PM) shakewell: after door-guy left the all came in to ask me about it. and laugh about it.
(7:12:01 PM) shakewell: i'm gonna have to try that next time. this smile-and-nod thing is NOT working
(7:12:45 PM) surjay: nah, i notice it doesn't work either. the look-agitated-and-nod works a little bit better but is still not 100%
(7:13:16 PM) shakewell: yeah seeing as how this was my first run at this sort of thing in the office, i was trying to be polite and professional. i'm over that.
(7:17:30 PM) surjay: also, the interesting interactions at work are pretty much non-existent beyond the 2 guys behind me who re-enact all the lines from office space to each other throughout the day.........i don't have any good door-salesman stories heh
(7:17:45 PM) shakewell: nonono he wasn't even a salesman
(7:17:49 PM) shakewell: he used to make doors
(7:17:53 PM) surjay: yes, i know, just saying
(7:18:00 PM) surjay: a craftsman!
(7:18:07 PM) shakewell: but he doesn't even make them anymore
(7:18:12 PM) shakewell: that was the crazy thing
(7:18:23 PM) shakewell: i have NO idea why he was talking about fucking doors
(7:18:27 PM) shakewell: and to ME


i wanna thank igg for cleaning up around the house today.
i wanna thank femtron for providing me with a delicious taco tuesday.
i wanna thank mike for replacing chauncey's starter for free.
i especially wanna thank my moms and pop pop for the surprise check that could not have come at a better time!

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