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well, after three days without toner, we are now out of 11x17 paper. so, there's still not a whole lot for me to do here in the office. in fact, i've spent the last hour setting up trying to set up outlook express and change my walsh system password. as it turns out, i am incapable of doing either thing.

also, i'm apparently a HUGE fan of starting my sentences with prepositional phrases. i may, in fact, be addicted to it.

anyway... i got my official walsh username and email address yesterday. for probably the first time in my life, i got a username that conforms exactly to the naming specifications without any extra letters or numbers. this is fantastic for two reasons: 1) other people can get my email address right the first time (and without having to ask, necessarily) and b) i may actually be able to remember the damn thing. at ohl, i was amiller1 and ammil. at iupui, amahmill. at martin marietta, it may have been milleamh, but i'm really not sure. (i spend at least five minutes guessing at it every saturday morning that i work now). for martin marietta carmel, i had a similar username, but i never actually logged in with it. i think it was milleamah.

so, overall, this new job is going pretty well. i definitely haven't fucked anything up. i won't say i'm doing a superb job, because i'm barely doing anything at all. but i know i can handle whatever they throw at me. that said, i don't really love this job. even though working at martin marietta brought me to tears on several ocassions, it made me laugh even more often. i had so much fun there. the guys here are all great people and they even
get pretty funny with each other ocassionally, but relationships between me and them seem awkward at best. and, generally, the office is quiet and serious. hopefully, it won't bother me as much when we start getting busy later this month.

not much else is new. winter has come and i've taken to sleeping more and more. despite being in the middle of two different books, i can't seem to get motivated to read these days. and i sure as hell haven't felt like doing anything like laundry or dishes.

saturday, down in pistol city, there might be some sort of teach quarantine to roller skate event. i think this will be great and you can bet your sweet asses i'll be taking many pictures! later that evening, dinner at puccini's, which i have been craving for a few days now. then i'm off to madtown to hang out with surjay and, eventually, watch the superbowl at bentz's.

go colts!
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