sWell (shakewell) wrote,

hot pockets

it's halftime in the colts-pats game right now. ugh. i'm glad i'm only listening to the game on the radio--hearing this crap is making me angry enough; i don't think i could handle watching it.

saw pan's labyrinth today, at landmark keystone art first, let me just say that that is easily the darkest theater i have ever been in in my entire life. it was awesome, but difficult for us late arrivals to navigate ourselves to empty seats.

the movie was good, though nothing great as far as i'm concerned. i forgot how much i hate subtitles in the theaters, so that really took a lot away from my enjoyment. mostly, i just liked the look of the fairy-tale creatures--especially the dude with his eyes in his hands.

went bowling with jqr, femtron, igg, surjay and chuwie last night. got a 101 and a 93. not bad for me at all. it's weird bowling sober, though. igg was throwing as hard as he could, topping out at just under 30 mph, while surjay was showing the pins some love with his throws under 10 mph.

(touchdown: colts! booyah!!!!)

after bowling, jqr and i stayed up to watch chuwie and surjay play a 10+ cup round of beer pong. surjay claimed the title on a technicality, but one nonetheless. after the game, surjay took a shot of rum with a splash of pickle juice and chuwie took a shot of rum and chased it with not one, but two swigs of pickle juice. i have no idea why they did this pickle juice business, but it was hilarious.

as usual, talk of HENRY ensued as drunkenness escalated. there was a phone call made around 4 in the morning. i have a video of it, but it's too big for me to post at the moment. i promise, it will be available for your viewing pleasure soon.

in other news, chauncey's starter problems are rapidly deteriorating. he refused to start after i stopped for gas saturday morning on my way to work. it was lucky for me another girl was already on her way to the office that day, not that it's particularly lucky for my paycheck to be 30 minutes short this week.

anyway, i had a good weekend. i just want to thank everyone that was a part of it.

i had a good thursday night, too, when i finally made it back out for keepin' it deep.

well, i'm going to try to rest up for my big day tomorrow at walsh.

sweet dreams.
Tags: alcohol, bowling, chauncey, chuwie, colts, femtron, henry, igg, jqr, movies, surjay

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