sWell (shakewell) wrote,

qotd - take two rights and you're all wrong

(jayohthree, sugar_cube_7 and i are at table 1)

jayohthree: asl
sugar_cube_1: 14 f WITH PICTURES
jayohthree: NUDE?
shak3well: god i've missed yahoo games
robin_us19: this is not whore motel it's a game room.
desaparecidos2004: where is the whore motel?
robin_us19: table 1
desaparecidos2004: kthx
robin_us19: yw
robin_us19: 2 pimps and a pusher

special thanks to pixylayne, jo3 and these two randoms on yahoo! games for cheering me up tonight.
Tags: jo3, pixylayne, qotd, stupid

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