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professional life

so, after much stressing over my resume (my spell checker doesn't even recognize the correct form of this word: résumé) and interviewing skills, i was offered the office manager position at walsh construction after just a few minutes with the project manager. i totally could have gotten more money, but i blew that part of it. ops. i didn't get a lot of time to meet everyone, but the management guys in the office all seem pretty cool and i think this place will be a lot like martin marietta in the way that everyone is a little bit sarcastic and mean (in a teasing kind of way), but they also all get along really well.

if you can believe it, i'm actually giving notice to ohl before i leave, so i won't start until jan 22. in a way, i'm a little sad about this, because we're moving into the new warehouse next week and i was pretty excited about watching the new account come to life. i spent a couple of days in the new building this week; that place is huge--a quarter mile long!

not much else is new with me (as usual). i'm working some over-time tomorrow in the gerber care account. i'm glad i finally got to check out some of the other ohl accounts, since they've been promising me that since i started. saturday, i'll be working at martin marietta again. it sucks that i can't work there with the rest of the gang, but i'm glad i can still pull a little weight there and do them the favor of working the weekend. just being there makes me feel like i'm part of the family still, even if i don't get to see anyone.

my old boss, teri, says she wants me to go out with her sometime. on the surface, it seems like a fun idea, because i like to drink, go out with my friends and drink with my friends. but teri only recently started drinking again. also, i get the impression that she may be as belligerent and obnoxious as me when drunk. this isn't a problem per se (i mean i always have a good time drinking with viealet, who is also like this), but it's hardly part of a "professional relationship."

we all know i make incredibly bad decisions with my life, and my professional life in general is a prime example, so i'm sure we will go out sooner or later.

if i can get my shit together, i think i'll be in madison saturday night and/or sunday. surjay thinks he owes me a hot date and i'm going to take him up on it before he comes to his senses. ;)

i got a chance to talk to darkwax and lisa b., who are both back at pu'u'ala now. the phone call made me insanely homesick for hawaii, but darkwax definitely helped me cope with the stress i'm feeling over not returning when i planned. so, now, i'm still homesick, but i know i'm doing the right thing by getting my shit together here in indiana.

i guess things are still pretty crazy at the farm. it's so unfortunate that that place can't be around for ever. it really was the best time of my life.

i'd feel pretty amazing if i could provide such an experience to others some time down the road. i'm not much of a farmer, though. maybe i'll get a place on the apalachain trail and do wonderful little things for thru-hikers. i'd love to hike that trail at some point. not alone. i'll bet holland would do it with me; that girl is the bomb.
Tags: alcohol, darkwax, hawaii, holland, hot date, lisa b, madison, martin marietta, ohl, pu'u'ala, surjay, teri, the at, viealet, walsh construction, work

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