sWell (shakewell) wrote,

here's to the new year

well, happy new year, readers.

we finally had giftmas at the frat house and it was wonderful. the general consensus was that we all had better giftmases with our friends than with our families. everyone got stuff they actually wanted and even some sweet surprises too.

here's my loot:

the my secret postsecret book is from quarantine,
the space ice cream and (prefect-fitting) manning jersey are from femtron,
the back massage gift certificate is from jqr and igg
and the hand to earth book is from sephon.

the speakers and head unit for chauncey were also a gift from jqr. and there is one last gift from igg still m.i.a.

while i do love all my presents, the best part of giftmas is always giving gifts to friends and family.
jqr got a book about chess and i am still trying to find a ddr pad.
femtron got waiting for guffman, a mighty wind, best in show and ex utero.
igg got final fantasy xii.
quarantine got the holga deluxe starter kit and film.
sephon got the rio karma and a geoffrey beene tie.
cope and surjay both got a geoffrey beene tie.
my parents got america's parks, a book i thought was about words but is actually a dictionary and corrine bailey rae's cd.

[overlord, brent, jodie, tina, sadie, rambo, mike, barry, teri, mindy, holland, maddy to be edited later.]

i had a really great time this weekend having the gang up in indy. femtron, jqr, igg, quarantine, surjay, cope, bentz, sephon and even thur baby. of course, i wish everyone else could have been there too.

i also got to catch up with kristen and fleck this weekend, but i was way too drunk then to remember much of it now. big ups to them (as well as jqr and quarantine) for going out to therapy with me saturday night.

big ups to random girl for slapping me on the ass at the bowling alley too.

i'd write more about nye and the rest of the weekend, but i was either too drunk or too passed the fuck out to be aware of much of what was going on around me. i didn't even make it to midnight last night.

i do have some good action shots of the nye beer pong tourney and i will post them tomorrow. (by the way, beer pong is apparently an excellent way to get trashed in a hurry.)

jqr: why did you sleep in your truck last night?
cope: i don't know.
Tags: alcohol, bowling, brent, cope, diddy, femtron, fleck, giftmas, jodie, jqr, kristen, overlord, qotd, quarantine, sephon, surjay, thur

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