sWell (shakewell) wrote,

coming to a basement party near you

hey, guys, i'm not sure if you know this, but faster than ben got a couple of sponsorship deals and is on tour now. i must say, their guitarist can really shred some fret-burners.

as it turns out, being temporarily unemployed has it's merits. for instance, i can play guitar hero in my jammies until my hand cramps up and my eyes start to bleed water.

my boss' boss' boss requested my resumé yesterday. i freakin' hate resumés. but i'm not about to complain about someone looking into giving me a job that isn't in cold warehouse ten hours a day. that said, i do start my new job tomorrow. i'm more nervous than excited about this; i hate new things, new people, new situations. ugh. i miss my martin marietta friends.

on the bright side, i will get to learn to drive a forklift soon.
Tags: anxiety, faster than ben, guitar hero, stupid shit, work
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