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in the loop of fury

so today was my last day at martin marietta. it was sad. i worked all alone in the office all day. no one did anything special for my last day at all. one guy called to wish me a merry christmas since i probably won't see him again, even if i continue working saturdays.

that same guy stuck a pink slip in my stocking yesterday that said "your[sic] fired." i thought it was funny, but, by the end of the day, it had me down a bit.

anyway, thanks for the outpouring of sympathy and support; being laid off (or released, as it were) is quite depressing.

at least i already have another job line up for next week. (having someone else find a job for you is super-sweet!) unfortunately, it's out in plainfield, it's 10-hour days in a warehouse and is less money. but, it's better than nothing, right? right...

since i won't be working in that filthy quarry anymore, chauncey got a bath today. he is lookin' like so good! he's soundin' good these days too! new speakers, amp and subs--the c & c music factory is complete. (that's charlie (my ipod) and chauncey (my jeep).)

the giftmastm shopping is coming along, but i'm nowhere near finished. i miss the days when i used to plan ahead. le sigh...

i'm frustrated. depressed. something. i can't quite figure it out.

but eggnog milkshakes make me happy, as do muffaletta sandwiches and pickles.


Dec. 10th, 2006 11:44 pm (UTC)
another plant in kokomo is closing for the season, so they relocated their salaried people to other plants and that meant i (as a temp) had to go. my boss tried for weeks to find a way to keep me on somewhere in some capacity, but had no luck.

i don't think i have any pictures of chauncey. i'll get some tomorrow. as for the system, i'll have to look into the specs. it's basically some off-brand system-in-a-box, but damn if it don't sound tight.

i like the idea of having a place i can crash! from what i hear, the farm is kind of falling apart these days and moving down into waipio valley. as much as i love it down there and even though i have land waiting for me there as well, it's just to inaccessible and removed from hilo for what i'm trying to do in hawaii.

oh! and thanks for the postcard! i got it a while back, but don't think i said anything. it really made my day.

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