sWell (shakewell) wrote,

it's a mother fucker


saturday will be my last day at martin marietta for a while. due to some other plant closings, some salaried chick from another location is coming to work in noblesville and i'm being released.

i guess pretty much everyone that could went to bat for me these last three weeks, trying to find somewhere to stash me until i could get hired on full-time. but there was nothing to be done. still, it's a really amazing thing to know so many people care so much about me (and think i'm doing a good job).

it just figures that the first time i'm happy with my work situation and my co-workers are happy with me is also the first time i'm let go.

everyone seems to agree that this should now make it easier for me to go back to hawaii or go back to school or go back to whatever else i had planned for my life, but i can't say i really care to think about any of it at the moment. i'm so completely bummed out.

i was happy.


i'm trying to come up with some gift ideas for the guys in the office. i got the girls some lotion and am looking for something similarly practical and generically acceptable. any ideas? so far, the best idea i've had is some micro rc cars for them to race around the office, but i'm not sure they'll really get into those. eh.

i'll be in madison on the 16th if anyone else will be around.

i think i'll also be around on the 26th, but those plans may fall through if i get a new job. *sigh*

well, the longer i stare at this screen, the more depressed i get. i'm going to go make some giftmastm cards.

Tags: friendship, giftmas, martin marietta
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