sWell (shakewell) wrote,

pot luck xmas strikes again!

cupkakes21 has brought to my attention that it's time again to start planning for the annual xmas pot luck dinner / trivial pursuit game for the ol' mchs crew. in putting together this year's email list (which is still out-of-date from last year) i've found, once again, that i don't have email addresses for the freshman.

so, for those of you that came last year and/or the year before please get in touch with cupkakes21 here so she can keep you up-to-date on this year's festivities.

we haven't settled on exact date yet (but it may be christmas eve weekend) nor have we determined a location (though it will very likely be in madison or dupont).

previous attendees: _alpha_female_, bunnygiant, cupkakes21, drjeffy, eknouf, juniper_praska, lisa_maas, quarantine, therussian, jo3, pat cantwell, wes abplanalp, katie strandmark, levi king, shannon stacier, david knouf, katy knouf and more i'm sure.

let's make this year's event even better!
Tags: friends, giftmas, madison
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