sWell (shakewell) wrote,

hawaiian homesick blues

as of this moment
i am dead set on returning to hawaii

there is serious debate
of advancing my departure date
after christmas, before new year's eve

school is debatable at this point
i may have missed some deadline
we shall see

this weekend i will get my affairs in order

i will stop buying winter clothes
[oh! my beautiful new boots!]

tomorrow i will talk to rambo
about not finishing my temp assignment
this will obligate me
into telling my boss
will have him inadvertently/purposefully tell her

either way, the news will break


i am fickle
just last week i was
"pretty sure" i was "probably not going to return"

but i love my other
like no other

more than i love this job
and my coworkers


the crew may reunite someday
darkwax will be back before me
thomas will return before new years
chris and kyle later this winter

and joe_fisher will join us!


it is easy to be comfortable here
things are generally good

but there i was so happy
the happiest

talking on the phone
made me not just remember
made me feel it again

i don't want to just be comfortable


ps - i have a new crush
only this time he likes me back

[now i will do the crushing! ahhaahahahahah!]

just kidding
Tags: darkwax, hawaii, holland, joe fisher, pu'u'ala, thomas
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