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emo screamo

aside from all that
today was good day
got some books at the library
and invested in
the chocolate war
thank you tony
caught up on some girl talk
thank you jessica
i really need some girl friends
preferably ones with tits smaller than mine
[i know that's asking a lot
but you gotta give me somethin']
it seems reasonable to assume
i have a feminine side lurking somewhere
now who wants to help me find it?!
i have $84 dollars in my bank account
that's not even enough to go to kansas and back
it's definitely not enough for car insurance
or college tuition
or groceries
and god knows it's not enough for giftmas
i think i'll sell plasma tomorrow
i'm so pathetic
my dad is still home sick
i try to talk to him about it
but it's a little scary
he never gets sick
now he's been home for a week
i'm so worried about him
i can't even begin
to comprehend life
without him in it
but what's hard
is knowing
there's nothing i can do
Tags: books, dad, friendship, money

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