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wanted: one hot date

the indianapolis symphony orchestra is performing carmina burana this weekend. anyone interested in accompanying me? (more info).


i like david sedaris.


i can't believe there is actually legistlation which will eventually withold federal funding from states which do not offer means to evacuate pets from natural disaster areas. sure, i'd be sad if euclid got caught in a fire or a flood or something, but isn't that my fault for not evacuating myself and/or my possessions from impending doom?

seriously... how many PEOPLE died in new orleans? i think our first priority should be perfecting our human evacuation systems. and, here's a though, stop overpopulating areas with such significant environmental hazards.


my tummy hurts.



Oct. 12th, 2006 01:32 pm (UTC)
What happened in New Orleans and the surrounding area was awful in so many ways. It's horrible that so many lives (both human and non-human) were lost as a result of a natural disaster that was predicted in advance. That's just wrong on all kinds of different levels.

Although the new legislation may be objectionable to people who do not have strong attachments to animals, I can understand the idea behind it. No states will want to lose their federal funding, so they will develop plans to evacuate as many beings as possible (both human and non-human) in the event of a future hurricane/flood/massive forest fire/etc.

I doubt that people will suffer as a result of the legislation - it's not about prioritizing non-human animal lives over the lives of humans. This legislation will (if evacuations are ever needed again) probably save the lives of a lot of humans as well. Many people see their animals as members of their families. Someone who's had a dog or cat for years has shared many important life events with that animal, and the animal will know him/her as well as anyone could. For such people, abandoning a pet to likely starve or drown would be tantamount to abandoning a child or sibling. The recent legislation will not force people who care about their pets to have to choose between saving their own lives or remaining with their animal companions. I think that saving the lives of people who have the capacity for great empathy that extends across species is definitely a worthy endeavor, even if it does make states work a little harder.

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