sWell (shakewell) wrote,

night show

so rambo (not rainbow) and i have decided on our first date. we're going to go watch a gravel slinger... well... sling some gravel. i could go into more detail, but it's actually not all that interesting and it's probably more fun for me to leave this to your imaginations.

anyway, the point is, i love rambo.

some ridiculously non-masculine song came on the radio today (wjkk 104.5 fm) and he turned it up and told me how he used to listen to it when he was out camping with his buddies as a kid. he said it reminded him of getting high (god i wish you could hear him say "high" while trying to be quiet with his outrageous accent) and just laying out beneath the stars.

work is good. for those of you who caught the morning show, i was two minutes late to work, but my boss called in sick again.

taco tuesday was good too.

my brother bought me tetris for the ds today. it's lots of fun. i'd definitely like to try the multiplayer out soon.

i met a guy through chacha today who plays ds games with his wife every day. isn't that the sweetest thing? next time i get a boyfriend, we're gonna get nintendogs. hehe.

man, some of you thought i was slappy happy during the morning show today, but i think i'm even more out of it now. i'm all over the place in my thoughts.

i saw my first blinged out truck driver today. gold chain, gold watch, gold bracelet, gold earrings, eight gold rings and some gold teeth to boot.

you might think getting hit on for 8 hours a day would be flattering and fun, but it's not. it's actually kind of creepy. some guy actually got out of his truck today to stick his face in my window and ask me what my husband's name was.

i should have told him "rambo."

i was noticing this thing i do at work today and recalling that i've done it at every job i've ever had. i like to think of ways to make things better. there's a lot of things i'd change about the weighout program at work. i'm not at all interested in writing the code or anything, but i like to make things easier. i like to streamline processes.

--> bed...
i don't know what kind of job that is officially, but i would like to do that someday. for real.
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