sWell (shakewell) wrote,

Voice Post:

590K 3:05
“Farless exciting then the morning shows I want to do, I'm driving home from work, almost getting lost in carmel.

Anyway, today was bad at a work, I screwed up some credit stuff, people were grumpy with me. I hope the job doesnt suck!

I did get a hot date proposal from a driver, he offered to take me out for drinks or chiense food, THEN off to see the symphony, interesting.

And this awesome guy rainbow, offered to marry me, after he divorces next month, so that was fun.

I got busted checking out another driver twice, but... oh well he was checking me out too, even!

I'm having a shitty day, and I'm tired, I doubt anyone will be home when I get home. I might just get home have some drinks and pass, at 6!

It looks like this thing works, so hopefully you'll get some morning shows, if I can get to work early enough!

well see what happens, I hope you are having a good day, see you later!”

Transcribed by: joe_fisher

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