sWell (shakewell) wrote,

i'm so boring

hello, friends. i apologize for my lack of meaningful content lately. indiana has brought on such a change for me; i am always tired and i never feel 100%.

but i look forward to my pending return to hawaii. it keeps me going everyday.

uhh sent me a letter this week. they want me to pay them $85 for a meningitis vaccine. yeah right! but this does remind me that i'm going to have to drop a huge chunk of change on them the week i get back to the island. how sad it will be to have all those thousands of dollars cash at my fingertips just long enough to write out a tuition check.


quick question (and maybe i'll make this a poll in a minute), how many of you have ever been called for jury duty? how many of you have served? yesterday, i got my third notice in as many years. and, since i've never actually served on a jury, i will have to go again.

in a way, i don't mind, because i would actually like to see what a jury trial is like. plus, you know, i want to do my civic duty and all. but, i'm pretty over getting up early, paying for parking downtown, wasting my morning and getting sent home because they called too many people. plus, now that i have a decent job, it actually costs me money to do this! how lame is that?


i've been having a lot of wickedly intense dreams this week. i wake up crying and sweating all the time. i used to have a lot of nightmares back when i was taking effexor, but that trash is long gone. and, honestly, there's not a lot on my mind these days. besides, i'm too damn tired to give a shit about just about everything. so, i don't know what's going on with my psyche. oh well, it makes for some pretty entertaining dreams that, for once, are almost coherent and logical.

what still gets me, though, is how people i never see or talk to or even hear about manage to pop up in these dreams. if i were smarter (and a lot less lazy), i would totally get into studying the human mind, especially memories. and possibly dreams, but i don't know how you really study those...


i accidentally gave this really happy, awesome, cheerful guy at work the finger today. i feel really bad about it. he was teasing me about being confused by the copier (and the girls in the office had been teasing me all afternoon for some reason) and, for lack of a better comeback, i just flipped him off without realizing i was at work, with real adults. later, he said "now that wasn't a very nice thing to do" but in his really happy, awesome, cheerful way. i didn't have much of a reply then either. i doubt i even said i was sorry (which i was and am). i'm such a fucking asshole.

the worst part is, i think this guy, rambo, is like the best person i work with. i'm going to have to do something really nice for him.


i still miss the days when i actually had something to say--about anything. while in hawaii, i was too busy actually having a blast to care about writing anything. here, i'm just too tired (and too boring). it's sad.


hey, i think i heard a song touting abstinence and virginity on hot 96.3 today. it was really weird.
Tags: civic duty, dreams, jury duty, martin marietta, money, rambo, uhh, work, writing

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