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these words cannot convey

i love my new job. i really do. if i didn't have to be there before dawn, it would be perfect. unfortunately, i do have to be there that early and it is really wearing me out. i woke up on my own at about this same time when i was in hawaii, but the sun was bright and shining then. here, it is cold and dark for at least a half hour after i get to work, which is over an hour after i wake up.

yesterday, i laughed so much at work that my face still hurt when i got home.

today, a driver brought me back a tenderloin sandwich from the lunch truck up the street.

all we do is laugh and joke at work. it's almost as much fun as i had with the pu'u'ala crew. sometimes, it's actually more fun, since no one is ever yelling or trying to psychoanalyze me or trying to micromanage. still, i feel slightly uncomfortable around so many people so much older than me. they all have kids and are married and go to church. as much as you might imagine i wouldn't fit in though, they never seem to treat me any different. it makes me realize that i'm more judgmental than i think.

today, i pretty much worked all by myself. i only made two different mistakes (but i did make each of them six times). one of the mistakes i realized on my own before my shift was over. the other was discovered by my trainer as she was checking for the first mistake i told her about.

all in all, i'd say i'm pretty much awesome.

i really wish i could post some morning shows for you guys. i think they'd be at least mildly entertaining. today, i got lost driving to work. i'm not really sure why. last night, i got the most sleep i've had all week. so, i think that would have made for a humorous narrative.

well, it's time for a nap (if not bed). i hope i get to write about this new job in more detail soon, but i won't make any promises.
Tags: martin marietta, work

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