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my principal interest is a hawaiian sqeez ring dream

holy shit.

i just checked out the accrued interest my student loans. i won't discuss specifics here, but let's just say that i both rue and lament discontinuing my interest payments last year.


i talked to holland, last night, and got caught up on all the crazy drama going on at the farm in hawaii. the shit is, quite frankly, unbelievable. while i do miss everyone (except tom) from the island and i'm not particularly stoked about being home anymore, i am very, very glad that i left pu'u'ala when i did.

sometimes, people do things that change your whole perspective on them. it's hard to reconcile the idea of your friend doing something so dreadful. and you can never see them in the same way again. that's how i feel about zack, right now. he was a good friend to me and he treated me like family, but now i'm not sure i'll ever be comfortable around him again.

i'm sure i'll never feel safe around his sister, again. i know it's not her fault that she's mental and it's her choice to ignore treatment options. i respect that. but, once you get physically violent with other people, you have to step up and get control of your life again. if you want to be loopy and sad all the time, that's your thing, but it's absolutely unacceptable to let yourself be violent (and to your own family!).


so, today, i'm going to start calling about apartments in hilo. holland, who previously dubbed herself a "lifer" on the farm, has agreed to move in with me. she said she'll definitely be ready to cruise by the time i get back in january. the way things are going, there may not even be a farm to live on for much longer anyway.

it's going to be funny moving into an apartment with no furniture. i'm not sure what the point of us getting a two-bedroom place will be. maybe we can find something furnished. that would be sweet!


i joined the indy bloggers ring. there aren't a lot of members yet, but it does seem to be quality journals. [mine is definitely the worst.] so, check it out. i know a lot of you read my entries on your livejournal friends page or on sqeez.org, but check out my journal for links to the ring.


speaking of sqeez, this is my final attempt at recruiting new users. i've already sent invites to everyone in my address books, as well as all my livejournal friends who publicly list their email addresses in their user info. so, this is for the rest of you.

sqeez is a new social networking site, developed by some friends of mine. it's a mix of livejournal and myspace. you can add blogs, visual media, tags. additionally, there's a points system which allows users to award points to other people's content that they like. these points then serve as a ranking tool throughout the site.

anyway, sqeez. is still evolving. joining now is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor and have your voice heard regarding features that are important to you. so, i'm just asking you to come check the site out. if you don't like it, let the developers (jayoh and jqr) know why. tell them how to make it better.


i just remembered a dream from last night. i've been dreaming about weddings all week. and madison too. yesterday, it was ben, pixy and jayoh. oh,  and the neo geo. today it was nicole vladimirovs, zach dagliesh, the e hallways at mchs, mrs. lawrence, my old locker combination (32-24-36), a suitcase full of flower arrangements and cocaine, tetris and a hike in the columbian mountains with none other than juan valdez.
Tags: dreams, hawaii, holland, indy bloggers, money, sqeez
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