sWell (shakewell) wrote,

september cultural events OR isn't indy awesome?

while stumbling through wikipedia i discovered that indianpolis is home to several cultural events, several of which are held in september.

the indy greek fest is next weekend. here, i will eat greek salad, gyros, and baklava.

then, the next weekend, hosts the indy irish fest. i hope to see some of the kilted mile. there's also a sheep herding event, but i doubt it will be very interesting unless nibbler or the hypnotoad show up. i might also try to catch my first rugby match.

this same weekend also plays host to st. joan of arc's french market, where i will sample some quiche and crepes.

and, on the following weekend, falls the middle eastern festival of indianapolis. i just can't wait to see amin and the sultans, america's best-known middle eastern band.

ha. i don't know if i'll really make it out to all of these events, but i think i would kind of like to. i learned a lot of great things about indianapolis today. i'm going to make it a point to enjoy more of the history and culture here before i leave forever.
Tags: culture, indianapolis
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