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nate, naturally

a while back, i used to run around with thus guy named nate brown. a couple different times actually. the first time, we drifted apart because we lived an hour apart, i worked odd hours and went to school full time, and we really didn't like each other very much. don't get me wrong, we had a lot of fun together, we just had next to nothing in common. so, the second time around, i think we only hung out once or twice. then, for some bizarre reason, he accused me of using him to get back at some boyfriend (which i didn't have at that time). obviously, i thought that was shitty and, after he left a really hateful voice mail message for me, we didn't contact one another ever again.

well, that was until this summer. out of the blue, nate called me while i was in hawaii. i wasn't around to get the call, but he did leave a message that was pleasant and friendly and, obviously, made no reference to our falling out. i didn't see the point of calling him back while i was in hawaii (or ever, honestly).

anyway, while scanning through some pictures from the after effect party, i ran across these two pictures (one, two), which i'm pretty sure are of nate. to be honest, i haven't seen the guy in a couple of years at least, so i'm not entirely positive. i'm hoping one of you out there can verify this guy's identity for me.

i don't know why i care. i'm not interested in talking to him. i believe he still owes me an apology for the things he last said to me and i know i'll never get it. i wouldn't say we were ever really friends, but we'll never even be back to that level of friendship we were at until he expresses some regret about being such a dick.

i think i'm actually a little anxious about having to worry about running into him at clubs and parties. i can't just tell the guy i think he owes me an apology. so, i'll just be cold to him for no apparent reason and then feel bad about it when i go home. that's fucking lame. and it's lame just to have to talk to this guy again. bleh.

what's my point? beats me. just thought i owed you guys an update. (and it would be nice to get that verification.)


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Aug. 29th, 2006 04:16 pm (UTC)
i am glad you updated!! you owed an update!!

ps im sorry things are gross and messy like that. maybe write out "you owe me an apology" on a paper airplane, and sail it at his head. Or, y'know.
Aug. 29th, 2006 04:29 pm (UTC)
thanks. i might just try that. though... i can see my ghetto plane sailing right on over to someone else on accident. and that might be bad. ;)
Sep. 7th, 2006 02:30 pm (UTC)
Just a confirmation in case you still need one , but I don't think ya do. Yes those pix are of the infamous Nate Brown...

Also , Yes Nate B can be the biggest A$$ on earth , but he can also be the biggest sweetheart this world has ever seen...

I think it's truly sad that two kids with social anxiety problems are sooo shy they can't even let themselves fall in love , so they just get twizted like a biscuit and fuck like stoned test bunnies... ;)~~

Maybe next lifetime you two will be able to look each other in the face and tell each other how you really feel , instead of playing games that end up hurting you both....
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