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girls lie

i like that my first instinct is to be nice to people
no matter who they are or what they've done to me
i saw an unhappy girl, sitting all alone
and i asked if she was ok
she gave me the stink eye and an attitude in return
only then did i recognize my old friend
i could have snapped back at her, said she hadn't changed
"well have a good night then"
and i just walked away
happy that i wasn't still hung up on the drama
sad that time hasn't healed her wounds


Aug. 11th, 2006 03:55 pm (UTC)
why would you even write about this?
everyone knows that you are talking about lauren.
maybe to make it seem that she is the unhappy person you wish her to be? kind of like posting pictures of her and dave and telling anyone who is bored enough to ready your lj that they were fighting. who really cares? i guess that you do, and as we have all decided long long ago, you can write whatever you like in your stupid little journal. it is only normal for those who run across something untrue to try and let you know that it is in need of correction. i am positive that you are the one with the "unhealed wounds" because after all you are the one who took time to write about it. an entire journal entry spent on the fact that you wish those who have found a better life without you were as unhapy as you find yourself. please at some point in your life learn to just live your own life, and let those poor people who have learned that they are better off without you...let them exist without you seeking out pieces of them to write about in your journal. launen has no unhealed wounds as far as you are concerned. noone does!

-words of advice.
Aug. 11th, 2006 05:16 pm (UTC)
Re: why?
i wrote about it because it was an event in my life that made me stop and think.

i wasn't writing about it to make here seem unhappy and i don't wish her to be so. when i asked if she was ok, it was out of genuine concern.

the scrapbook pictures from my trip with dave and lauren are there so i can remember the trip as it was, not pretend that it was all laughs and fun. yes, i do care that that is how it was. my life is truth, not fiction.

i appreciate your effort to correct what you feel was a mistake. i hope you can appreciate that i feel you've only misunderstood what i've written here. i leave your comments here, so other readers can decide for themselves. feel free to sign your name if you wish to lend some weight to your argument.

finally, this entry isn't about lauren. it's about me. i am not unhappy, in fact this entry is about something i am happy about. i do not wish unhappiness upon her. that is why i asked if she was ok. that is why i'm sad that she (and you) took an act of concern as something to be upset about. i do no seek pieces of anyone but myself to write about in this journal, but i feel no regrets about including the people who affect my life--negatively or positively, directly or indirectly, by choice or by accident--within these lines.
Aug. 11th, 2006 06:00 pm (UTC)
Re: why?
hate to say it but you have about a million and one valid points here. i did not want to be involved in any real way so i am still annon. however, i do take back some of what i said. when something is written it has no person. there is no way to tell if it is serious or a joke. there is no face to go along with the words, and at times this is wonderful and at times it can cause a lot of stupid misunderstandings. so i stand corrected. end of story. what i wrote was simply my opinion on something i read and now this is nothing more than the exact same thing. it is not ever easy to be the bigger person. maybe this night you were, and maybe not. all that really matters is that you tried, and i do really see that now. trying to be nice is beyond what most people will ever understand. so to end this stupid rant...you are understood.

have a good day.
-drama lj land.

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