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it's sad but true

i spent the last 3 months entirely outdoors
now i wallow around in bed all day
watching cable tv in the air conditioning
sure, there's no beach ridght down this road
and the heat index is in the triple digits
but this shit ain't right


Aug. 2nd, 2006 06:49 pm (UTC)
whats your opinoin, straight up? are you having a hard time adjusting? how much did it rain? was it hot? :)

are there misquitos? ;)
Aug. 3rd, 2006 12:45 am (UTC)
i am definitely having a hard time adjusting to indiana life again.

in hawaii, there were periods where it rained almost constantly (my first 2 weeks there, for instance). but then you'll go weeks with little or no rain. so... it's not like monsoon season or anything terrible like that. hilo-side (where you'll be) tends to get more rain than kona-side, though it never rained while i was in hilo and always rained when i was in kona (what luck!).

it was hot (80s), but nothing like the humidity in the midwest and not so much of the locked in heat of densely populated areas on the mainlaind. it was totally bearable. i definitely think being so close to the ocean helps; it keeps it breezy.

YES there are mosquitoes! they can be very bad, especially on the rainier side of the island. my first two weeks were miserable. i was absolutely covered in bites from head to toe. (bites on your face are SO lame!) but by the end of my time in hawaii, i didn't seem to be getting bitten so much, while others around me were getting swarmed. i can't say i understand why that happened, but i do know some people just don't seem to get bit at all.

and things are SO expensive in hawaii, and even more expensive outside of the cities (hilo & kona) gas was $3.69 when i left. a 6-pack of beer is no less than $8. a box of (not generic) cereal is at least $8.

but it's so worth it, joe. so completely and totally worth it. straight up.

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