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hoppy easter

my once great love for cadbury eggs is waning.
at some point in recent years,
my mother got the idea in her head that i like caramel.
however, the exact opposit is true.
and my distaste for it has been growing recently.
i can't even eat somoas anymore!
(it doesn't help that those fool girl scouts
changed the name to caramel delights.)
anyway, back to the cadbury eggs...
last year, my mom bought me all flavors except original
(original, of course, being my favorite
(and actually being the only flavor i'd ever had before)).
so i ate some.
and gave some away.
and prayed for a triumphant return of original this year.
tis all caramel.
one dozen caramel cadbury eggs.

perhaps god is punishing me.
maybe this is a reminder
that easter is more than
resse's peanut butter and original cadbury eggs.

it's also solid chocolate crucifixes.


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