sWell (shakewell) wrote,

the list goes on

and, all of a sudden, i am reminded of why i can't stand roommates (the hawaii version):

1) they eat the dinner you buy/make and don't say thanks.
2) they leave their dirty dishes out.
3) they never put anything (like the games they were playing) away.
4) they drink all the kava and don't offer any to you.
5) the spill kava all over your purse and make no attempt to clean up the mess.
6) they leave the stereo on.
7) they leave the lights on.

i'm in a hateful mood right now. thank you, vodka. oh...

8) they finish your vodka and don't even tell you.

i have to work in about 8 hours. more importantly, i have to drive in 7 hours. this is completely doable, of course, but i'm fairly certain i will be totally pissy. surprise! two reasons why i'm working on my day off:

1) i don't want to give tom the opportunity to earn extra cash.
2) i don't want to subject sean to prolonged exposure to tom again.

see... i told you. hateful.

i really can't wait to come home. i will definitely be on the horn with the airline tomorrow. assuming, of course, that it's cloudy enough for me to get reception somewhere, but not so rainy that i get no signal at all here on mystery fucking island.

i thought i had a hot movie date with holland tomorrow, but i guess i don't. i think i may call the boy and see what he is up to. i'm uncomfortable with that entire situation, though. i mean, it's not like i can invite him back to the farm to hang out and do origami in my tent. lol. (to be honest, i don't even do origami in my tent. i do it in holland's tent. so, i certainly can't invite him there. also, i hate too many people on the farm right now to be inviting guests to visit.)

i don't want to sleep. fuck this fucking time difference. fuck.
Tags: alcohol, hawaii, winter
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