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at long last, my birthday package from home has arrived! my parents picked out a sweet hiking backpack and then proceeded to stuff each one of it's many, many pockets with other cool stuff. it was like a fantastic treasure hunt! oh so fabulous!

so, as much as i wanted to be lonely and depressed and tired and sick today, even i can't find a way to mope now. :) man, i can't wait to go on another hike.

so here's a quick rundown. i'll probably forget some stuff, since i don't have it here in front of me, though: jolly ranchers, goldfish crackers, compass (with instructions, thank god!), hawaii atlas and gazzateer, camping dishes and utensils, playing cards, dice, first aid kit, emergency blanket, headlamp (with "night vision" (red bulbs), ha!), retractable clothesline with clothespins, cooling scarves, sun visors, tampons... hmmm... i know there was more. as per usual, my dad also picked out a book for me, but the title escapes me.

well, thomas, chris and kyle have all returned to their homes and life on the farm is quieting down. a new wwoofer, tom, arrived yesterday and, while he is nice enough, he will never be able to replace those amazing boys who just left. besides, tom talks incessantly and tries to mention things like his trust fund as often as possible. blech.

sean's brother, al, is here on the island for a week, but i don't suppose i shall see them again until we meet up for some fireworks on the fourth. al seems really cool, even if he does call me "madison." (he's from there too, of course.) it's funny, though, because most siblings i know (that get along well) are so obviously related, either in their looks or their mannerisms, personalities, etc. sean and all seem worlds apart. admittedly, however, i really haven't gotten to sit down and talk to al much. i'm sure their personalities are closer than they seem at first glance. but, for those of you who've met me and my sister, i'd liken their congruence to ours. and they're about eight years apart in age, so i guess that makes sense.

ahh... i guess i'd better go take advantage of having the farm to myself for a few hours.

oh! and, wheninhell, i stand corrected. it's sourSOP and boy! is it ever sour! it's also very mushy, which makes it rather unappetising to me, but i do like the (heart-ish) shape of it and the little spikes on the skin.
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