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if no one loves you when you're 23, how do they feel about 24?

so, i don't really have a lot of exciting news to relay. obviously, my birthday came and went and there was much celebration. it was touching (god, i don't think i've ever used this word as an adjective) to see these people i've only known for a short while so concerned with me having a special day. i ended up having a sort of crappy night, but it was no one's fault but my own and i could have easily remedied it. then, when i couldn't sleep, i felt homesick for the first time. i missed the ease of having old friends who know how to read you and give you what you need.

work on the farm has become routine. we're down to just 6 wwoofers (7 after todd gets here, today), so we all usually get to work together and it's more on maintenance than expansion. that said, we are making a shit ton of cuttings to fill up the greenhouse again, since we planted everything that had been in there the week before last.

this last week was mostly spent on processing kava harvested from another farm. we spent four or five days pressure washing the roots, but were left with some that rotted before we could get to them. that sucks. the z-man will not be pleased. being a girl, no one seems to think i will either want to or be able to pressure wash, so holland (the only other girl) and i got to fill up the little planter things with dirt for two days. this is unfortunate, because i actually enjoy pressure washing, while everyone else seems to hate it.

i enjoy a lot of work on the farm. i enjoy being able to see the progress i have made. for this reason (and because i liked to give them names and address them with these names and words of encouragement), i liked planting the rows of baby ava. hell, i even enjoyed shoveling dirt along this mound, just because i could compare how far i had to go with how far i'd come. i like pressure washing, because i enjoy watching the pile of roots shrink and shrink as i toss the clean ones aside. additionally, i enjoy the noise of the water and the air compressor. more accurately, i enjoying not having to talk to or listen to anyone else. i am truly in the zone when i pressure wash.

as for recreation, my sickness has kind of kept me close to the farm for these past two weeks. i did go to hilo, this weekend, to check out the farmer's market, but didn't buy anything. i am aghast at the number of fruits and vegetables i've never tried (or heard of). much experimenting will be done this summer!

so, i've had a bit of the french taste, and it seems no different than any other. sorry, that's a bit of an inside joke here at the farm.

what i mean is, i've kind of hooked up with this frenchman, thomas. it's pretty cool, ya know, since i haven't really done any hooking up at all in 2006, but i am now reacquainted with what a hassle boys can be. sheesh! moreover, i am now more repulsed by pdas than ever before. i think it has to do with being around the same small group of people almost constantly. i don't want to go mucking that up with some stupid boyfriend/girlfriend bullshit; i just want to get some play every now and then.

ha. i don't know why i tell you guys this stuff.

there's been some drama, recently, with zach's parents trying to sell the farm. i guess this land has been in their family for over 100 years and zach feels entitled to at least this piece that he's farming. perhaps originally, his parents were only going to sell some of it, but last week they made a surprise appearance at the farm with a developer and showed him the kava farm as well. zach really lost it that day. i would have too, i'm sure. but, that day, we really got a clear picture of the odds zach is up against in trying to make this farm work on his own. so, anyway, they could sell this place any day and they seem like the kind of people who wouldn't give us any notice about it. so, maybe one day soon, we'll have to rally the troops and transport as much of this farm as we can down to waipio valley, but i hope it never comes to that.

it's unfortunate that zach's parents care more about money than they do about trying to work something out amicably with their son, but it makes me all the more grateful for the family i have.

inter-island airfare is cheap this month, so i think i might jet over to maui soon. i like the idea of taking off by myself.

i'm going to have some pictures for you all, very soon. if i can't get my pictures to export from someone else's camera (fuck kodak easyshare software, by the way!), then i'm just going to show you some of their picures. it'll still be a week or two though. i've got to mail the pictures (on cd) to my brother to upload onto his server. (no way in hell i'm going to even attempt the shit on dial up.)

well, i have to pee. sorry i don't have anything more interesting to say. i'm pretty much over this cold or whatever i had, so i think the next update will contain more adventures, but i'm not making any promises.

say, i don't think i ever wrote about that hike i went on. phew. that's a doozie. next time, i promise!

ps - happy belated birthday to wheninhell!
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