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st. pauli girl

happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me
happy birthday, drunk amanda
happy birthday to me


there's a real update coming soon
(hopefully tomorrow)
full of all the stuff i've been up to
and my plans for the near future

i'm tired as fuck today
but not sleepy
of course
hence all the beers

i'm starting to enjoy beer
and that dismays me

but someone drank my vodka today
(probably yesterday, actually
though i only noticed today)
so i will no longer purchase goods
i can't consume in one day

i fear this means either
a) sobriety, or
b) total fucking wastedness

anyway, thanks again to ALL the great people who left me messages here, on facebook, myspace, email, voicemail and text messaging.

it feels good to be missed.


one thing i like: turning hippies onto house music
Tags: alcohol, birthday

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