sWell (shakewell) wrote,

gone fishin'

caught two red snappers today. IN REAL LIFE. yeah, buddy.

my boss gave us the afternoon off so he could teach us how to fish off the cliff at the bottom of the farm.

he's also going to loan me his surf board and teach me to surf down in kona. eventually, i'll get my own, for sure.

can you believe my life these days? it's so strange.

got offered some land to lease by way of work down in waipio valley. and just for helping a guy out with some weeding for a couple of hours. if i only knew how to farm... anyone want to learn?

my foot may be infected. or maybe i got some poisonous bite. if i'm not dead tomorrow, i'll let you know how that works out.

i just realized my birthday is super-soon. crazy.

been beautifully sunny the past two days or so. i freakin' love it. just today i realized i'd been getting tan on overcast days. tight! (gotta stop wearing my watch.)

quarantine: who would your ideal animal crossing town consist of?
Tags: animal crossing, hawaii, quarantine
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