sWell (shakewell) wrote,

birthday wishlist

i'll be ranking these and providing more specific links in the future.

leatherman tool (particularly interested in knife, corkscrew & bottle opener (drink much?))
flashlight/headlamp (w/ batteries if not AA)
lightweight (for warm weather) & compact sleeping bag
small first aid kit
hiking backpack
bungee cords (2)
crocs (women's 8)
big island maps (topographical and uh... you know... regular...)
dinner utensils set (bowl/plate, spoon, fork, etc.)
ipod wall adapter
snorkel gear
books! (i'd like to leave a copy of the fountainhead or atlas shrugged here)

additionally, i desperately need a case for my camera (cannon powershot S80) as i have already marred the beautiful display. *sob* there are attatchments which interest me as well (waterproof case wp-dc1, wide-angle converter wc-dc10, conversion lens adapter la-dc20), but they are big wishes and not at all necessities. though, maybe the waterproof case could double as a carrying case? and a spare battery would be swass.

i was thinking about a nice road bike, but i'm thinking less about it now. there's no way i'll be in the shape i need to be to ride it anywhere but to town. i'll get one back home (or in sunny san diego!).
Tags: birthday

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