sWell (shakewell) wrote,

ohana means farmily

i processed kava for the first time today. i got to let out what little frustration i have here by weilding a mean machete. totally fun! then i got to powerwas the roots. i think this is my new favorite job. my least favorite job is getting the air out of the ziplock bags we store the kava paste in. shit! i hate that job so much. grrr...

we've also started a "farm"-ily dinner tradition here at the farm. it's awesome. i really feel at home here.

i couldn't be happier.

well, maybe if the mosquitos left me alone and my foot healed up nicely.

tomorrow is thomas' birthday and we will be going to waipio valley, weather permitting. everyone says i'm going to totally trip out when i get to this place. it sounds amazing. rumor has it that it's the "dry land" setting from waterworld.

well, everything is good here except i've totally lost my once keen sense of direction and i couldn't be more frustrated by it.

also, today i had the best burrito of my life, followed by the best second helping i've ever forced myself to finish. mmm mmm good.

the german left today, and we are now down to a great crew of hard workers. i'm excited about getting down to business.


about the cell phone. maybe i only get service when the sky is clear? to be honest, i'm boggled by this damn thing. so, whatever. i'll get back to you when i can.

Tags: farmily, hawaii
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