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Voice Post:

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“Hey, I, just wanted to let you guys know that my cellphone does work on the farm after all. Um, but, apparently only in my tent. So, I dono, you guys can call me or I will start returning all the calls that I've missed since I've been here, and... *sWell uses a vocodor?*... *giggles* ... um, ok, bye.”

Transcribed by: sephon

additionally, mail can now be received general delivery at the honoka'a post office (96727 i'm sure).


May. 16th, 2006 03:31 am (UTC)
Love of my life :)
hey girlie! I still miss you so much! I want you to be having a great time there and stay as long as you want, but i do miss you!
i love lover loves you :)
So we went to the VFW saturday and that ashley girl was there that was at the Talbott st. after party when fleck fell and hit is head really hard! She was talking about that night and asked if she could be green ranger because she had a green shirt on and she said fleck yelled at her and said "No, AMANDA IS GREEN RANGER!" HAHAHA!
Well thought I would say HI! W/B ASAP! or call when you have service!
Love always Kristen
May. 16th, 2006 04:01 am (UTC)
Re: Love of my life :)
i sometimes have service at the farm now. i will try to call you tomorrow after work, so it will be after 9 or so your time.

i totally miss my ranger crew. i can't wait to be back home and in the mix again, but i am totally enjoying my time here too. so, i hope you can bear 'til august.

i hear you talked to my brother. no scheming, kristen! (but i do appreciate the tought!)

love you and miss you all bunches!!!!

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