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oragami mami

according to japanese legen, if you fold 1000 paper cranes they will bring you good luck and long life. sadako and the thousand paper cranes by eleanor coerr is a book based on the true story of sadako sasaki who developed leukemia as a result of the 1945 bombing of hiroshima. sadako was reminded by her closest friend of the japanese legend that if she folded 1000 cranes the gods would smile on her and heal her. today, a statue of sadako (known as the children's monument) sits in hiroshima's peace park, surrounded by millions of paper cranes sent from people all around the world.

in light of the fact that my oragami calendar is full of stupid things i don't want to make, i've decided to just screw it all and make paper cranes. my goal is 1000, but i don't think i'll ever get that far with it. and i dunno what i plan to do with all these cranes, either. oh well, it's a project. and boy do i need something to do with my free time!

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